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The CCG team is comprised of trusted professionals with decades of experience both leading and participating in some of the most advanced training available. Each has proven experience in their fields and has passed rigorous testing to ensure they are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

Wes Tabor

Wesley "Wes" Tabor

CEO and Principal consultant

Wes is the CEO and founder of CCG. He has decades of diverse law enforcement experience spanning from the front lines as a Deputy Sheriff and detective in Florida to leading global operations for one of the top federal law enforcement agencies in the world. Unlike many in law enforcement, he has a unique perspective, having worked with and trained by the CIA, he operated on an international scale while embedded in South America. He has led from the front lines and seen it all in a career that spanned nearly 30 years.

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Wes has been stationed in cities such as Miami, Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles, and internationally in cities such as Guatemala City, Caracas, Venezuela, Cartagena, Colombia, and Bogota, Colombia. During this time, he was representing the DEA in positions such as an assistant country attache, country attache, and DEA/CIA Liaison, partnering with some of the most prestigious law enforcement and military agencies- including the FBI, Defense Intelligence Service, US Army Special Forces, and Navy Seals.

As a DEA agent, rising through the ranks to Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Los Angeles, he oversaw global money-laundering investigations involving some of the largest cases on the globe. He has led some of the most effective and successful anti-narcotics trafficking operations and narco-trafficking investigations in the last decade. Wes has extensive foreign investigative experience and is an expert in regards to Venezuelan “centric” investigative knowledge and a true understanding of the geopolitical crisis occurring in that country and its effects in the region.

He has successfully trained hundreds of individuals across the Western Hemisphere in Latin America on interdiction, wiretap procedures, gangs, Case operations, and best practices and controlled deliveries of narcotics both in the United States and internationally.

Wes has also trained foreign government members such as supreme court justices, federal prosecutors and police leaders on numerous topics concerning methods for narcotics operations best practices, interdiction, Money laundering, jungle operations as well as effective leadership while maintaining continuity in foreign environments while focused on partnering with the United States for shared goals.

With his extensive background and a broad range of professional partnerships across the globe, he brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to any project. He has extensive experience with and has appeared on numerous Spanish speaking media outlets, providing expert opinion on a variety of topics concerning law enforcement issues. Wes has consulted and trained Hollywood actors and producers in Hollywood.

Sean Steinway

Principal Consultant

Sean has over 22 years of Military, State, Local, and Federal Law Enforcement experience working in conjunction with law enforcement counterparts in South and Central America. Sean currently serves in a capacity as a course developer/instructor at the DEA Office of International Training. He has proficiency in conducting complex criminal investigations, processing and documenting evidence and crime scenes, as well as interviewing suspects and witnesses. Sean is also a former Police Officer and a Marine Corps veteran. During his career, he has received numerous state and federal certifications through DOD, DOS, and DOJ to name a few. He is a weapons expert, firearms and tactical instructor, certified armorer through NSW and EMT. Sean is a proven leader with exceptional technical, tactical, and leadership skills who has demonstrated the ability to adapt, innovate, and improvise during complex situations.

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Sean started his career in 1997 as a Marine Corps Infantryman, after completing infantry school he got a secondary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) as A Security Force Marine where he served as a Squad Leader in a Unit dedicated to the safeguarding of US specialty assets, In 1999 Sean was transferred to Quantico VA to Officer Candidate School where he served as an Instructor for future Marine Corps Officers, Sean earned numerous commendations and medals to include the National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism service medal, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation and Marine Corps good conduct ribbon to name a few.  In 2001 Sean left Active duty to pursue a career as a Police Officer in Fairfax County VA, where he served as a Patrol Officer for 2 years before taking a temporary assignment in the Narcotics Division where he worked as an Undercover Police Officer. In 2004 Sean left the Police department to continue to expand his career to work with the DOJ. Sean began his career with DEA as the Commander of one of DEA’s most prestigious units in Guatemala and worked hand in hand with USSOF conducting Air/ Land Operations. Sean ran that Unit for 6 years resulting in numerous seizures and arrests. Sean is now one the Lead Instructors for that program for DEA, Sean has trained over 1000 International Law Enforcement / Military Special Operations officers.

Sean also served in DEA’s FAST teams as an Armorer and Firearms and Tactics Instructor and was deployed numerous times to serve as an Instructor and Advisor for Operations to Guatemala, Peru, Panama, Argentina, and Honduras to name a few.

Chad Kuske

Principal Consultant

Chad is a retired Navy SEAL (DEVGRU) who deployed 13 times and conducted over 300 combat operations against high-value targets in five unique theaters of operation including Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and South America, which included his involvement in the mission to rescue Captain Richard Phillips from Somali Pirates.  He was decorated for his service 43 times. Among the honors he received are three Bronze Stars with Valor, two Joint Commendation Medals with Valor, a Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, four Navy Achievement Medals, two Presidential Unit Citations, and three Combat Action Ribbons.

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During his time in the Navy, Chad trained for and executed clandestine and covert Special Operations including Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Security Assistance and Foreign Internal Defense as a member Naval Special Warfare Development Group, NSW Unit FOUR, NSW Group ONE Training Detachment, and SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One.

As a Training Department Chief, he led expert teams of SEAL, SWCC, and Army Ranger instructors and supervised over 40 hours per week of high-risk training events with a perfect safety record.  In less than two years he qualified over 460 Navy SEALs and Special Boat Operators in the required NSW mission-critical core and advanced Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Close Quarters Combat (CQC), Gas Oil Platforms (GOPLATs), Maritime Interdiction (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure), Beach Landings, Mission Planning, Sniper and Small Arms Marksmanship, Ground Mobility, and Hostage Rescue. 

Planned and coordinated with executive-level Partner Nation (PN) Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations officials to build their capacity to conduct operations, maintain regional security and stability, and become regional leaders within Latin America.  Built extensive n networks and enduring friendships with local officials.  Managed all Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Security Assistance and Counter Narco-Terrorism (CNT) Programs in four countries in South America. Collaborated with US Embassy Country Teams and other Government Agencies to align strategic goals and create dynamic partnerships between the US and PN units, increasing regional stability while protecting the interests, both foreign and domestic, of the United States of America.  

After retiring from the Navy he attended Portland State University where he studied World Languages, International Relations, and Acting and received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in March of 2020.  Chad has traveled to over 30 different countries on every continent except Antarctica.  He is fluent in English and Spanish and has also studied Portuguese, French, and Tagalog.  He is passionate about exploring the world, acquiring knowledge and learning new skills and is always ready to teach others new skills, hone their unique abilities, or simply to maximize their potential.   His interests are endless and often obscure but include surfing, rock climbing, acting, motorcycles, boats, shooting, music, theoretical physics, carpentry, creating, painting, and traveling.  

Instructor Experience

-Mission Planning

-Small Unit Tactics

-Small Arms and Demolitions

-Sniper and Spec Recon

-Close Quarters Combat

-Vehicle Mobility

-Visit Board Search and Seizure (Boat and Helicopter)


-Over The Beach

-Combat Swimmer

-Parachute Operations (HALO/HAHO)

-Helicopter Rope and Suspension Techniques


-BA in Spanish from Portland State University

-AA in Oceanographic Technology from Coastline Community College


-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

-Utah BCI Concealed Firearms Instructor

-Spanish 3/3 (Fluent)

-NSW Advanced Freefall Parachutist

-Static Line Jump Master

-HRST Master


Range Safety Officer

-Small Arms

-Dynamic (Fire and Movement/Maneuver)


-Rockets (Stand-off Weapons)

-Close Quarter Combat

-Explosive Breaching

-Laser Systems

-Sub-Caliber Marking Cartridges (Simmunitions)

Diving Supervisor

-Open and Closed Circuit

-Mixed Gas (MK-16)

-SDV Diving Supervisor 

Other Schools/Training Courses

Spanish Initial Acquisition – NSWATC

French Initial Acquisition – NSWATC

Portuguese Initial Acquisition – NSWATC

Off-Road Motorcycle – Ricky Johnson Off-Road Boot Camp

Combat Emergency Trauma Training –Assessment and Training Solutions

SERE 250B16 – Joint Personnel Recovery Agency

SERE 215 – Joint Personnel Recovery Agency

Navy Technical Operations Course – Interagency Training Center

Advanced EOD Chemical Energetics – EOD Training Group Special Programs

Advanced Tactical Driving – Armor Group ITI

Merchant Marines Vessel Security Officer



Your privacy is very important to us. Discretion is our number one priority. No sensitive or classified information will be disclosed or provided by CCG under any circumstances. 

Please contact us regarding any questions or special requests. 

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